We have gained plenty of expertise in manufacturing, installing and maintenance of all kinds of Digital, Illuminated & Non Illuminated Signage. We have always believed that the quality and service are the most important pillars of any successful business, that’s why when it comes to it, we don’t leave any pillars unturned in providing cost efficient & on time quality & service to our customers all across the nation.


We understand that signage for a project of any scale can be difficult to bring together. At Welcome Signs, we acknowledge this and offer our clients a full range of services to ensure peace of mind. Our design studio will provide you with a full graphic design service. Each project is viewed independently with energy and enthusiasm. We are ready to assist in the realization of the client’s needs. Our company structure means we are able to step into your signage project at any stage, from design to installation, giving you the best possible service.


Digital prints has been an important resource to sign makers for years. At Welcome Signs we have been at the forefront of its development and usage within the signage medium. Using the latest materials, software and equipment, our company produces the highest standard of digital print for all your signage and advertising needs. High-resolution digital print media can be applied to all aspects of design and sign making. The right image can speak a thousand words.


LED’s are available in a range of colors and sizes to suit each individual application. Welcome Signs are fully conversant with the installation techniques of LED’s, we can incorporate them into various types of built-up letters and logos. Neon Lighting has been a source of fascination for decades. The craft of Neon Glass bending has not changed since it began over a century ago, and still remains a rare skill to this day. Only a handful of companies in the UK can offer this product, and Welcome Signs take pride in being one of them. We manufacture high-quality neon and Cathode tubes for various Lighting and Display applications. We source only the finest materials from the UK and Europe.


Built up letters are a popular means of making striking signs. With Welcome Signs built up letter service, you get a quality product at a very keen price. The process of creating built up letters is mostly automated. We use sophisticated techniques to precisely calculate bend points and curve sections on the edge return. Welcome Signs specialize in the manufacture of built up 3d letters. We are able to produce Flat Face, Rim and Return and Bevelled edge lettering from Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass and Acrylics. All our letters come complete with either internal illumination or standard locator fixings.


The installation of a sign can make or break your signage project. That’s why we use our own installation crews to complete the project with minimal interruptions and error.